Preachers and the Preaching


Let Man Not Separate Holy Spirit and Personal Accountability

Let Man Not Separate Holy Spirit and Sermon Delivery

As John MacArthur points out:

  • No profession has as high a liability potential as that of one who preaches God’s Word.
  • God will judge every preacher on the truthfulness and accuracy of his preaching.

When I read the qualification of what equips a man for preaching I am left in awl.

  1. Reverence for God
  2. Respect for the dignity of pastoral duty
  3. Good sense.
  4. Sound judgment.
  5. Clear and deep thinking.
  6. Love of reading.
  7. Commitment to diligent study and meditation.
  8. A good memory.
  9. Graceful command of words.
  10. Knowledge of society’s thinking.

Having the ability talent and efforts to

  1. Explain obscure passages of Scripture
  2. To resolve intricate applications of the Word to lives.
  3. To defend the truth against opposers.

Then the skill and ability to

  1. Teach doctrine.
  2. Expound on the deep things of God.
  3. Convince the stubborn mind.
  4. Capture the affections and will.
  5. Spread light over dark realities so as to eliminate the shadows of confusion.
  6. Detect the errors of his hearers.
  7. Convince their conscience.
  8. Stop their mouths

And do all this by teaching the Word of God



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