Studying the Word One Word at a Time


We are a church that don’t play to the culture “It’s Cool” kind of Church.  We don’t want the world to come in. We want Heaven to come down.

WE want to be a teacher and see the depth that God will take us in our Christian life.

As long as you are being obedienct to the revealed Word of God in the Bible God will take care of you by divine providience.


Teaching the Word in 2011

Our desire is to be a radically God-centered pastor.

We have managed to teach the book of Roman 5 to Romans 8:8. We are still in Philippians the last chapter. We began Daniel in 2011 and finished up the series on Prayer. We are still in the book of Proverbs 14. Of course we had a few mini series in our Bible study time.

Bill Bower taught each fourth Sunday Night and Johnny Edwards spoke on the fifth Sunday and Bob Temple taught each time he was in from Arlington Texas.

Standing firm in our society for the Lord is the real objective of teaching the Word of God. Staying power through Christ, who strengthens us by this Holy Spirit as we stay filled with His Word.

The study of the book of Daniel teaches us about the character of  a Christians.

Of course the book of Romans has been a doctrinal study of Salvation.

The study of Philippians has been encouraging to all of us as well

The study of the book of Proverbs

We had a eight week study on Heaven.

A Bible study on A Biblical Viewpoint on Terriorism, Middle East and Why Men Kill

So we come to the close of 2011

We want to keep CHRIST as the Center of our Ministry at

Rivers of Joy Baptist Church


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