To Grow In The Knowledge and Love For the Lord Jesus Christ

Our people need a God-besotted man. Even if they criticize the fact that you are not available at the dinner on Saturday night because you must be with God, they need at least one man in their life who is radically and totally focused on God and the pursuit of the knowledge of God, and the ministry of the word of God.

How many people in your churches do you know that are laboring to know God, who are striving earnestly in study and prayer to enlarge their vision of God. Precious few. Well then, what will become of our churches if we the pastors, who are charged with knowing and unfolding the whole counsel of God, shift into neutral, quit reading and studying and writing, and take on more hobbies and watch more television?

So few in our churches today take time to study the Word of God. They may read it, but few really study it enough to really grow in the knowledge of God.

We as preachers must set the example of taking the time to be in the Word. My desire as been for many years to stay in the Word. And for a number of years 16 I was in the Word 8 hours a day or more while working another 8 hours at another job.

There is no greater joy then really taking time to learn the Word. I mean really know the Word.  While I don’t know the Hebrew and little Greek, I know the places I can go to get the information.

Back in the day without a Dell I had the books that I loved. Today you have so many websites that can help you in your study.

I desire is to grow in the knowledge and love of the Lord.


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